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February 20, 2006


Jenny Case


I have found a sure fire way to get rid of the uga smell. Coffee beans - stick them on tin foil and in the broiler or oven for about 5 - 10 minutes. Sure, your house smells like burnt coffee but its better than - as you say - fish perfume! Although you have to be a coffee lover to tolerate the smell. But works very well for me, thank you very much!!


Oh my god! My family also calls it calo-calo! :) This looks amazing and so yummy...I love those dried seafood delicacies (simple isda tuyo is my favorite). I feel for you...we (me and my fiance) will be moving to a flat soon and this was one of the first things I thought of: "No more tuyo...waaaah!" So thanks for the candles tip (and thanks Jenny for the coffee bean tip) :)

Thank you for joining Lasang Pinoy 7 and I hope to see you in more LP events!


jen,the coffee bean thing is surefire idea indeed. i wouldn't mind the smell of coffee circulating in the room. i love coffee. the neaighbors will be seduced by the aroma as well. ok, to market, to market for some dark roasted beans.


miss joey, your family might have their roots in either negros or iloilo just like mine.

discovering about the etymology of the words is oftentimes as interesting as the food itself.

with the coffee beans tip, i hope you won't have to give up your tuyo binges. hope your hubby-to-be will learn to love it as well.

thanks for visiting


KINAMOT GYUD!!! THIS IS A VERY WICKED POST PAMAHAW... am starving, drooling and laughing...

balingon uga in Cebuano is bulinaw
calo calo sad sa Cebu ayyy...
wait its only 10pm here my time

I shall wait for my sister to arrive from UK and we shall have this "ancient ritual" soon.. coz we will be eating like this way when we are together!

this is just sooo good!


well,sha-- have a wonderful reunion with your sis. may the flavors and aroma of your bulinaw meal bring back happy memories of home and beyond.


this post really makes me giggly :D ... wonderful wonderful post! nakakagutom pa...


This is the real and true Filipino breakfast - I love that last picture you have - Pinoy gyud!



Hi it's me again...

Just want you to know that I add you on my link - I apologize I already did before I ask your permission but i hope it's okay with you...

Thanks for visiting my blog as well...



Hi there, found you through Sha's link to Celia K. Am surfing for virtual breakfast this morning... and found your site!

I love your ritual prayers. Hahaha. I must try that when i replicate this breakfast! Eating by hand is just oh so authentic. Sarap.


when my mom was a student in chicago, they would fry filipino breakfast items and the landlady would knock and ask if they were eating "dead alligators". you should invite your neighbors over LOL:D

am so envious -- no small dried pusit here!


So funny eat matter, the ritual you do before cooking this dried creatures of the ocean is exactly what i need to do when i have the craving for this almusal. And oh i have to wait until the husband gone to work!!hehehe


stef,i know of a pinoy couple here who had to vacate their seniors apartment unit because of the "harassment" they get from their neighbors everytime they cook the stuff. They had to buy a house again.

peng,you're like my friend jenny from colorado who makes sure the hubby is away before she can satisfy her dried fish cravings.


browsing through tin's site and it landed me here...just to have a few laughs! i'm adding you in ok?
btw, candles, oil burners, windows and exhaust all work for me..but i'll try that coffee bean tip..:)btw, my entry is also pusit! sarap!


Ok... because of this Almusal round-up, i'm now officially addicted to fried dried pusit! I was telling CES how i ate them 2 nights in a row! I have to go and get some more now.

I can't stand the smell either but for the love of food...

I had jasmine + gardenia candle going all night in every room because of it. hehe.


hi mae,
that's what you call eating pusit with ambience.i hope u didn't forget to dim the lights.

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