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March 17, 2006



one word for your "love it!" Yes, I am indeed a BIG fan of bitter melon or ampalaya and I don't care about the bitterness taste "it cleanses me inside" I like it! I love it with my "pinakbet" and hopefully I could find one in asian store tomorrow...

Have a great weekend!



go for it,tin. Enjoy.


Tis is one of my fave veg. I like it ginisa w itlog - is that torta? I haven't tried it raw as a salad but will definitely have a go since yours look so appetising.


I love ampalaya even as a kid but I don’t remember trying it raw…


PALIYA SA CEBUANO...oh my am the one and only who HATES IT... my memory is one of the most bitter food I have ever tasted. i do it when it served and I am a good guest...


Palya in Pangasinan...I hated ALL vegetables when I was a kid, and it's a wonder now that I can't eat a meal without my former "bitter lovers."


mae,guinisa with egg and tomatoes, with shrimp or minced beef or pork spells delicious. I don't think it's called torta though.

iska, raw is good.mix it w/some sugar lang. the more you eat it the les bitter it tastes.

sha, it's about time to try it.

kai,love works in mysterious ways.:)


Apalya in Capampangan. What I've noticed is how it tastes less bitter the rawer it is. My lola didn't even bother squeezing out the juices, she just added it just before cooking is done.

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