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March 26, 2006



i know some guys who don't eat fish cooked this way..as they say 'isdang basa'..i do..paksiw, pesa, pangat, sinigang..you name it..hehe..nyam!


Nothing like simple treatment to really fresh fish. Brings out the sweetness. Will do this later, have some malasugui in the freezer. And I miss those SuTuKil stalls. Your title reminds me of how my officemates from the Visayas and Mindanao yearn for mainit na sabaw when in Manila.

WOW! I want to have this sinabawan!


ces- easy to prepare pa. hindi nag "splatter".:)

kai- yes. how often we forget that condiments are there to enhance rather than hide the flavor.malasugi is good.

theoretical cook- its really easy to make. freshness is the key.

Jenny Case


Sa diin ina ang Orly's man, pray tell...another one to add to the list of "must eat at" palces in iloilo.


mmm...sounds interesting - specially the way you wrote it! this combination of ginger with tomatoes and fish is new to me. the pork version sounds good too.


jen- orly's is in villa. turn left after the bridge. stone's throw away from villa rosa.


Oh, i do remember this in my younger days, that's a long time ago. lol. I've not had it since - looks so deliciously good for you. I remember the sweet taste of the fish and the gingery tomato soup with the fish taste. sarap.


cool info about inasal and fish sinabawan.thanks!inform you if masarapan ang aking ilonggong papa.


cool info about inasal and fish sinabawan.thanks!inform you if masarapan ang aking ilonggong papa.

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