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March 16, 2006



its330am angelo
am waiting for my sis to arrive
my ginamos is ready
puto as well
sinangag na kanin
i saw phil hotdogs today too
(full of red colouring but hey we need to walk down memory lane)


sana may recipe para maganda ..mukhang masarap yan ..matry sana :)


It’s really evident how creative Filipinos can get w/ the different ways we cook munggo. Sometimes just a bit of pork is ok w/ bits of tinapa, or shrimps, or chicharon, or what else? Some likes em w/ chorizo or langgonisa. Coconut milk. Pork hocks ofcourse is great!


sha,indulge. may the homeland food make your reunion warm & memorable. pinoy hotdog a good spaghetti make. mafran for sauce. yeah.

iska, you bet. creativity is the joy that cooking brings.


melai, actually guisa, guisa and boil lang yan.


I like this sauteed in garlic (yes, lots and lots of it, crushed), onion and tomatoes, after it was cooked. Ultimate comfort food.


can't imagine my cooking world without garlic.garlic makes the world go round:), right,kai?
garlic we use comes from RP but I miss that small but terrible bawang.ah, the flavor it brings.


Your site is so delicious - i'm hooked!

This is such a comfort food - looks fantastic. Bet tasted as great as it looks. Any leftover?

I have to cook munggo soon - real soon.

Jenny Case

Have pork hocks living in my freezer for months - got tired of using beans, so munggo is a great suggestion! Just so happens I bought munggo over the week-end..

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