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March 23, 2006



Yuuum! I've never had it but it looks delicious and something I would like. (Well, what won't I like? Hehehe)


hi abster,
i think you'll like it.no. i think you'll LOVE it.


I've never been to Baan Khanitha ever, I frequented Sukhumvit Road many times just to renew my visa or visit a friend who has an office there.I should remember this for our next Thailand visit, the place looks really nice ('went to the site) thanks for posting the link, angelo.


thess--Baan Khanitha has opened several branches around Bangkok.I saw one being finished up in South Sathorn Road last August.Hope they maintain the quality of food and service.
For me really, the best Thai food are one that is cooked on the streets by the hawkers.That's authentic ambience too.


Just in case you wander by the home country, there's a local version of this by a renowned Filipino artist/potter in Antipolo, at Crescent Moon Cafe. Served as appetizers, too, but on the local, and more commonly known as medicinal, leaf alagao.


kai- am not so familiar with alagao. perhaps i have tried it but with a different name.
I bet the crescent moon cafe is worth a try. one of these days when i have the cahnce to cross the seas again.
thanks for the tip.


Had a variation of this dish at Arun's Restaurant in Chicago. I believe they said the leaf was "betel nut leaf". Some say it's the best Thai restaurant in the US. Might have been the best meal I've ever eaten. 12 courses of pure bliss - www.arunsthai.com

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