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April 22, 2006




Have discovered how to get wonderful, all natural and very large fish heads(Salmon) for free. Whole Foods market (don't know if you have them there, but they are all over the U.S.) - if you ask the fishmonger will give it to you for free!!!!
I have my little one trained to eat fish head soup, and she loves it!


too bad we don't have whole foods here.
lucky you jen, to get fish heads for free.
isabella loves to eat the fish eyes and we always "fight" on who gets them.
really, how heathy can you go with sinabawan, no?

Sus kay kamahal kon mabakal sa Asian market...likewise, my little Izzy also loves to go for the fish eyes. I have taught her to eat the brains as well. My poor husband got home one day and found us voraciously attaching the humongous salmon head...oh the joys of freaking him out...

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