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April 30, 2006



If I remember correctly you had advocated a spiking of brandy to the taho when I was having my bout of the sniffles/sore throat/coughing... :-)


Yeah, name game, I thought you were talking about the bean curd taho and I was wondering why I never knew it to ease a cough/cold.


hi angelo..
sorry to hear that...i hope you're doing ok now though..
just blog hopping...just to ease this home sick blues..not yet up to posting...


hope you're feeling better now. dito grabe pa rin mga allergies ng pamilya.

i was looking at the picture when i got here and thinking -- so where's the taho??? 'yun na pala 'yun. how exactly do you pronounce *this* taho? malumi, maragsa, mabilis?


If i remember correctly, taho, was a dessert
sold by street vendors who carried it on two large tin pails slung over a bamboo pole. The kids would line up with their veinte cinco centimos and buy a glass. The vendor would take thin slices of the white curd (bean or tofu), and ladle it to the bottom of our glasses and then scoop some hot sauce from the other pail. The vendor usually came at dusk in our neighborhood in Sampaloc, Manila.

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