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June 24, 2006



this looks so good but a bit tedious for me...have to master my meringue first! hehe...did you make this yourself yet?


i made the merengue in the picture. my first actually.


There's a Baked Alaska dessert that I used to love. A block of ice cream is wrapped in stiffyly beaten eggwhites. brandied syrup is over over it and set on flame. Sounds kinda related to Baked Hawai'i.


The Baked Hawai'i originates from a fine dining restaurant called CASA DI AMICI located at 2301 Nalo Rd in Poipu, Kauai. Chef Randall Yates' signature dessert of over 20 years is a chocolate-macadamia nut brownie topped with coconut and passion-fruit sorbet and flambéed Italian meringue. This delicious delight is served in hot blue flames created from drizzled brandy. It's baked before your eyes!


wow. delicious,angela. lucky you to have experienced that one-of-a-kind baked hawaii.

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Just the picture itself you can tell its delicious.

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