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April 13, 2007



Yay! LP is back..I like eggs..will try to make something. regards:)



Looking forward to reading your entry on EGG'S A DEAL! I know you're busy but go for it.


I miss the excitement... the "what to cook" part before LP events. Yey! LP is back!


yey iska, LP is back. Thanks to your and mike's "EGG's A DEAL logo design.

i agree. the fun and challenging part is the "brainstorming" sessions by your lonesome.
The next one of course are the shopping and cooking activities.

The worst part is the kitchen cleanup......but.... my wife just adores me. Lucky me. hehe


Hooray! LP is back again! :) And I love egg too...hmmm, wonder what I can make...


I have a question. I was thinking of a family recipe but am not sure if it's Pinoy in origin. We have names kasi for certain things that only the family uses so I can't say for sure if it's Pinoy in origin. Puede ba yon?



whatever egg concoction you're gonna make deserves to be posted on Lasang Pinoy 17. Looking forward to read your EGG story.



it's OK.No problem. Go ahead and post your family Egg Recipe in Lasang Pinoy 17. I bet that is something interesting. Go for it.


And it's back! Now to look for some egg-citing ideas. Hehehe.


Hope you don't mind! I posted the announcement on my blog. :) The Lasang Pinoy site's not updated pa!


Hi Toni,

Thanks for posting the "announce" on your site.
Know what I have no idea that there is a LP blog site pala. hehe. i'll ask stef about it.

Looking forward to read your EGGS-citing entry.


i'm going to try to enter two foodblogs. my personal one and my pro blog one: http://forks.ca

i'm so happy LP is back. Thanks.


BTW, is it ok if I submit like may 8th or so? see May 5th is my wedding anniversary and a week before that my in-laws are here so things are a litlte hectic during the deadline. i'd really appreciate it if could submit 2 days later. please please :)


no problemo dexie.better late than never.we understand.
so is it going to be an all EGG menu on the 5th of May?
Advanced Happy Anniversary!


thanks angelo. oh i hope not..lol. i'd probably make the dishes before that day. i just wouldn't have time to get online, log and submit right away :). but i will 2-3 days later..:).

Mel Wood

Please count me in!


I love eggs!!! Its my and my family's comfort foods. Looking forward for the EGGciting recipes here soon!


My post is here, Angelo:


Thanks so much for hosting!



Thanks too for letting me host Lasang Pinoy 17. After some false starts it is finally back, which is the goal for now.Hopefully we can iron out the kinks and have bigger, better LP sorties.


Oh no, I can't believe I missed it... again :(


i missed it too...EGG would've been a nice ingredient...


Thanks for hosting this round, Angelo! My late entry is here -


Hey, Thanks for accepting my late entry :)


I just came across Lasang Pinoy in one of my food surfing sprees. It's a very good concept I should say. I went to the past archives to dig all the past lasang pinoy blog entries. I noticed that it's not consistent with the way each host presents the roundups. Sometimes I cannot even find the roundups (like here in LP17). Is it possible to have the links to the roundups in the LP home page itself that will bring us to the host's page? I'm lost :-).


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